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Sasaran Art Gallery Kuala Selangor/Balai Seni Sasaran Kuala Selangor

Since 2008, Sasaran Arts Association has being organizing a large-scale international art festival every 3 years. This year is going to be the 4th art festival. The art festival has received many enthusiastic response from artists, art lovers and art community locally and internationally.

In order to enhance its role as a platform for better artistic exchange and creation, the association has voiced out in many occasions with the local government, hoping to develop a permanent exhibition area in Sasaran. The Honorable Ean Yong Hian Wah, who holds the portfolio of “Local Government, Legalization of Illegal Factories & New Village Development” has been giving strong support to our association and art festivals from the first Art Festival in 2008, has agreed that Sasaran has the potential to become a well-known art village.

Thus, after discussions with the state government, county council and local community, a launching ceremony was finally held in May 2016 to build an art park and exhibition center in Sasaran. The building would be a two-story art gallery, with the upper floor becoming an exhibition space and the lower one an activity center. The art center will be the venue for local or international art festivals or exhibitions in the promotion of arts and culture.

In December 2016, the ground breaking ceremony of the Sasaran Art Gallery finally took place in the presence of The Honorable Ean Yong Hian Wah, former President of MDKS Puan Hajah Noraini binti Roslan, city council members, directors and members of Sasaran Arts Associations and villagers of Sasaran. It rained that day, but everyone was in high spirit because the dream has finally come true!

After months of construction works, the building was finally completed in October this year and was named “Balai Seni Sasaran Kuala Selangor” (Sasaran Art Gallery Kuala Selangor). As what our chairman Mr Ng Bee said "We are grateful that Sasaran Arts Association has been getting the support from the state government since the beginning. The seeds of the art have been sprouting. Under such circumstances, art will definitely be blooming splendidly in Sasaran." Hopefully, Sasaran Art Park and Art Gallery will be well known all over the world and more artists from home and abroad will come to Sasaran for their artistic creation.

Let “art” go to the countryside is no longer a slogan as the villagers of Sasaran are growing from ignorant of art to someone who appreciate art. “Art” definitely is growing in every part of Sasaran. Because of art, life is beautiful. If you dare to dream, you will harvest your dream one day!


傻傻然艺术协会自 2008 年起,每三年举行一次大型的国际艺术节,至今已举办过三届,获得了许 多海内外艺术家热烈的响应。

协会为了提升成为更好的艺术交流与创作平台,多次向掌管雪州地方政府、新村发展及非法工厂 漂白事物的行政议员 YB 欧阳捍华提起,希望把国际艺术节展示区发展成为永久展示区。从 2008 年第一届艺术节开始就一直给予我们协会及艺术节大力支持的 YB 欧阳也发现了沙沙兰有潜力成为艺术展览区的地点。

因此在经过与州政府、县议会及当地社团的商讨后,终于在 2016 年 5 月举行了推介礼,决定在 该处打造一个艺术主题公园及展览所。该公园将会有一座两层的艺术馆,上层将成为展览馆,而下层为工作室,并会每年将进行本地艺术节或展览会,提倡艺术文 化。

2016 年 12 月沙沙兰美术馆终于在 YB 欧阳捍华、前瓜雪县议会主席诺莱妮女士、众多县议员、众 多傻傻兰艺术协会理事和会员以及沙沙兰村民们的见证下举行了动土礼。当天下着雨,但雨水却 遮不住众人对艺术的那一份澎湃热情。

经过多个月的连日赶工,就在今年的 10 月美术馆终于竣工,并以沙沙兰美术馆命名。借用艺术协 会主席的一句话“艺术协会从零开始活动至今一直获得州政府的配合,传播的艺术种子已萌芽,假 以时日,艺术花将灿烂的绽放”。希望有一天沙沙兰艺术公园和美术馆将闻名世界各地,让更多海 内外的艺术家进驻沙沙兰进行艺术创作。

让艺术下乡不再是一个口号,从不知艺术为何物,到处处皆为艺术的沙沙兰,因艺术而美丽, 敢 于做梦的人,必有收获!

Ground Breaking
by The Honourable Mr Ean Yong Hian Wah
Selangor State Assemblyman
20 December 2016

The Making of  Sasaran Art Gallery, Kuala Selangor

Official Opening Ceremony
by The Honourable Mr Ean Yong Hian Wah
Selangor State Assemblyman
21 November 2017

Sasaran Arts Association
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